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Tyler's Surfing Success

Fitness Products that Helped Tyler Succeed:

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Tyler's Surfing Success

Iím really noticing a difference in my endurance, strength and overall ability. A few things Iíve accomplished beyond feeling better physically and mentally are:

1. 4th place in the Mavericks surf contest in January (one of the biggest surf contests in the world for big wave surfing)

2. With jet ski assistance I towed into one of biggest waves of my life on January 5th (which is an entry for the Billabong XXL Big Wave Challenge). A hand full of the best, big wave surfers in the world just sat and watched this day due to the overall severity of the conditions. [With the energy from] BIOLEAN Free®, I couldnít just sit and watch.

Iím in pretty good shape to begin with but the products helped motivate me to get in the gym. The only way to take my surfing to the next level is to get into better shape, which the products are helping me do. I definitely love the energy, and since Iíve been on the products and working out, I feel stronger than ever! Itís only been three months or so that I have been on WINís products and itís helped my surf program in a big way.

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