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Ray's Weight Loss Before and After

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Ray's Journey

"I became so involved in the corporate race I gave no time to the idea of health and fitness. When I left the restaurant industry I was 60 pounds overweight. The pounds accumulated as my health deteriorated. I remember visiting my doctor when I was 49, overweight and not in optimal health. I decided I would get to work and take off the pounds. Due to a torn Achilles tendon I needed to stop running temporarily. After several months I gradually started running again.

"BioLean® and Sure2Endure™ really changed my life. The instant gratification I experienced that first run using these two products was the perfect combination to jumpstart my metabolism. I shed another 15 pounds within a couple weeks and in no time I was maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. I almost take it for granted now, until I share the products with someone and witness their excitement. It reminds me of how I felt that first day. Just before I turned 52 years old I ran my first marathon the Dallas White Rock Marathon. My goal was to finish the race in a respectable time. The morning of the race, I took BIOLEAN Free®. Throughout the day I took Sure2Endure and at the end of the race to help with recovery. I finished the race in 3 hours 33 minutes and 53 seconds (3:33:53) qualifying for the Boston Marathon! I will never forget turning into the final stretch, my heart was bursting with uncontrollable emotions. I threw my arms up and screamed as I crossed the finish line.

"Additionally for the last two years I have cycled 500 miles across Kansas with my 76 year old father and we have plans to ride the BAK (Bike Across Kansas) again this June. I used to dream of owning a huge, chromed out Harley but now I dream of owning a Lance Armstrong- type road-bike, riding mountains on my bike and running the Boston Marathon faster than I ran the White Rock Marathon. Still today I look at a picture of me as I finished the race and I remember the near out-of-body experience. I realized today as I realized then I just did something I never dreamed I could do a year earlier. It gives me confidence that if I could climb this mountain, so to speak, I could do just about anything. It took a lot of work but it is worth the journey."

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