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ProXtreme Protein Shake - Biolean ProXtreme Ingredients and Information

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ProXtreme Supplement Protein Supplement

If you've been looking for information about Biolean ProXtreme, you've come to the right place! See below for a listing of the ingredients and other supplement information for BioLean ProXtreme.

ProXtreme Protein Supplement

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ProXtreme Features

ProXtreme comes in both vanilla and chocolate flavors, creamy, delicious and good for you!

Low Fat - Low Carb - Protein Rich

With 6 different sources of high-quality protein, ProXtreme ™ is great as a meal replacement. 7 packets of chocolate and 7 packets of vanilla flavor per box.

ProXtreme™ provides an ideal ratio of essential and non-essential amino acids. It is a sophisticated protein shake, designed to help your body assimilate the protein easily.

ProXtreme Detailed Information

If you're into the nitty gritty scientific data, then you'll be interested to know that ProXtreme is a multi-protein formula containing a blend of :

  • ion-exchange whey protein isolates

  • cross flow ultra filtration isolates

  • whey protein concentrates

  • hydrolyzed whey peptides

  • glutamine peptides and egg albumen 

All of this goodness adds up to 25 grams of protein per serving, yet ProXtreme contains only 2 grams of carbs and 1 gram of "good fat" - from monosaturated sunflower oil.

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ProXtreme Testimonials

"ProXtreme tastes so good I actually mix it with water, instead of milk and fruit in a blender. It's packaged in single servings so it's great when you're on the go and the best part is each serving has 25g of protein!"
H.H. - Texas, US

"I have tried other protein drinks in the past and for the most part they are either too lumpy or just don't taste good. When I tried ProXtreme and I was rather impressed with how it mixed up and dissolved in milk with a spoon rather than a blender. The other thing I noticed was how good it tasted. 'No lumps, great Taste'.... So my new morning routine starts with a ProXtreme shake and a couple of WINOmeg3complex. What a great combination to start day off right."
K.B. - Florida, US

“ProXtreme is GREAT! I incorporated ProXtreme into my workout routine and have seen more muscle gain and fat loss than with any other protein product. I have been taking protein supplements for eight years and this is the only product that has NOT given me any digestive problems. I take ProXtreme every morning after my workout with Mass Appeal and another ProXtreme before bed to keep my body in an anabolic state.”
E.L. – California, US

“Tastes great, good for my diet, and sustains me for at least four hours.”
M.H. – California, US

“Delicious and so convenient! With only 123 calories 1 gram of fat 2 grams of carbohydrates and 25 grams of protein. This is a great chocolate drink loaded with vitamins and amino acids individually packaged so you can put one in your purse or pocket and always have a great tasting nutritious drink for when you just don't have time to grab something to eat or to supplement between meals.”
C.R. – Florida, US

“This is a great substitute meal for me because I'm always on the run and I don't make time to eat right. It's delicious as well as filling.”
E.P. – California, US

“It helps when you are on the run by curbing your appetite and it also provides a lot of energy.”
H.S. – Hoofddorp, NL

Proxtreme Ingredients

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ProXtreme Protein Supplement

Price: $80.00
Sale: $74.00
You Save: $6.00 (8%)
Free US Shipping
No minimum order

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