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Direct from the Manufacturer Ordering

On May 1, 2017, My Natural Supplements partnered with WIN Worldwide to offer product ordering and fulfillment directly from the manufacturer. This means that the "add to cart" buttons now direct you to WIN's site, where you can order any of our products, select a variety of shipping options, and even set up a autoship program at a substantial savings.

We took this action in light of a couple of factors. First, many of the orders can be shipped that same day and, if within one day's shipping radius of Plano, Texas, you can often have your supplements in your hands the very next day after you order. We also wanted to expand our shipping options and now every order will ship via FedEx with a tracking number. Also, the option for autoship can come at a substantial savings for you.

My Natural Supplements has certainly not changed hands and the same couple that started this journey on a healthy lifestyle 12 years ago is still owning and operating the business. We simply wanted to make the order process quicker and easier for our visitors and customers.

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