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WIN Omega 3 Complex

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Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsules

WINOmeg3complex is derived from fish, not plants. What that means is that you have a form of fatty acid supplement that is very easy for the body to use.

Many people take a flaxseed oil supplement and ask what is the difference between flaxseed oil and the fish oil supplement offered as WINOmeg3.

Omega-3 fatty acids fall into two categories: plant-derived (flaxseed oil yielding alpha-linolenic acid or ALA) or marine-derived (fish oil yielding both EPA and DHA). The human body converts ALA with great difficulty into EPA and DHA. The conversion rate is slow and inefficient (between one and five per cent), and can be inhibited by various conditions such as a diet high in linolenic acid (omega-6), trans fatty acids such as fast foods and baked goods, alcohol intake, certain health conditions, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies (B3, B6, C, zinc, magnesium). It is only the omega-3 EPA and DHA that have health benefits.

This is not to say flaxseed oil is bad. It is just not a very good compared to fish oil because of the very inefficient ALA to EPA and DHA conversion that takes place. Therefore, you may need to consume considerably more flaxseed oil than fish oil.

Fish oil, on the other hand, is a direct source of EPA and DHA and does not have to be converted by the body to provide us with the EPA and DHA. The fish convert them for us.


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WINOmeg3 Ingredients

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WINOmeg3 Supplement

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