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Mona's Weight Loss Before and After

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Mona's Weight Loss Story

When she first began, Mona wasn’t what you’d call an avid exerciser or athlete. Her physical activity was limited to strolling through the park. But as she started noticing weight loss and increased energy levels, she became more and more motivated to boost her results. The strolls soon turned into brisk walks and eventually to running. “I actually ran a mile! I hated the treadmill for a long time. In the beginning I told you I’m a stroller, I don’t fast-walk, I just want to see the view,” she recalls, laughing. “Now I can actually run continuously for one mile and I could never do that before! I can keep up with all the skinny people!”

“I love food too much, I have no control,” shared Mona in the beginning. But after a short time into the challenge, Mona realized the products were giving her the needed control of her appetite and eating habits. “If I saw something before I had to eat it or else I wouldn’t be satisfied the whole day. But this time it’s like, ‘I can say no to that.’ I get to choose, before if I saw McDonald’s I was like, ‘Okay I want it now.’ Now I can stop and decide if it’s healthy or not,” says Mona, adding that she’s not starving herself. “I actually eat more than I used to, just better choices of food. I try to stay out of the chips and soda aisles. Now when I eat it, I feel sick. I can’t believe I used to eat that every day.” Being able to turn down food was particularly difficult for Mona for another reason. “In our culture, when you’re offered food, you have to eat it, out of respect. So I’ve had to get over that,” she shares, having learned that she needed to respect her own body.

Because of Mona’s life-changing decision, she has lost 52 pounds and more than 43 inches! “Clothes fit better and I’m almost the same size as everybody at work. I love it! I actually shop for myself now, I never did that, I hated shopping. Clothes fit me and I’m not a 20W anymore, now it’s a 10. I don’t feel that I have to hide myself under clothes,” says Mona ecstatically.

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