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Liz's Weight Loss Before and After

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Liz's Weight Loss Journey

In early 2007 Liz was told by her physician her body fat was over 35 percent. Although Liz was visiting the gym three times a week, she was still struggling with her weight, which at the time was getting close to 200 pounds. “I had a ‘rolling’ tummy, where the fat was folding over at the bottom. My heartbeat scaled up if I did strenuous exercise, even though I was regularly exercising. While my weight had come down a bit I still wasn’t seeing any real change and was bored with my exercise program,” relates Liz of her attempt to get in shape.

So in January 2007 Liz started on WIN’s products. She especially enjoyed the benefits of Sure2Endure™ helping her work out harder. “I could really intensify my workout and go on and on without stopping!” shares Liz of her improved endurance and stamina.

By May 2008, Liz was down to 158 pounds and feeling better. “I noticed my clothes where falling off of me and people were commenting on how much weight I had lost! I increased the amount of weight training I added into my program and I set a target to participate in a local 7K run in September 2008. I achieved that target in around 45 minutes, so I was very pleased.” Over the next year, Liz continued pushing herself and pursuing her fitness goals. By April 2009, Liz lost another 11 pounds and 9 inches! She went from struggling to run at all, to most recently, running in the challenging 15K Seven Hills Run in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

“I have lost a total of 66 pounds! Most noticeable are the inches that fell off and my clothes are looser. I went from a size 18 to 8 and almost all my clothes fall off of me so I’m seeking a seamstress who can alter some of my favorites. I have ‘under-grown’ a belt — the belt is too big!”

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