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Kathi's Weight Loss Before and After

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Kathi's Weight Loss Journey

"Before making the decision to start using WINís products, my life was pity-party days, days of being very tired, coming home and going right to bed. There was no motivation, no energy to do anything. I didnít like taking family photos because of my weight. I didnít like shopping. My eating habits were all across the board," Kathi recalls. "But now after using WINís products, I say, ĎThank you, Lord, for allowing and giving people the knowledge to create something so great!í I have a different outlook on weight management now. Itís a mindset, not a diet."

Kathi has lost a total of 34 pounds in less than a year! The key to Kathiís success was using her newfound energy to exercise ó accelerating her weight loss! Kathi noticed the pounds dropping and credits LipoTrim with helping her desire healthier food. ďNow Iím on a weekly exercise regimen, and Iím making better choices in what I eat. I feel more confident because now I see the results of choosing WIN. My starting weight in January 2009 was 156 lbs., wearing a size 14. Today I weigh 122 lbs., wearing a size 2. The best part is my doctor gave me a clean bill of health on my last visit,Ē Kathi excitedly shares.

An improved quality of life is bringing Kathi a lot of joy. ďI have two teenage sons who are very active, and now I look forward to going to their football games along with my husband Tony. I have so much energy to cheer them on! I look forward to going to theme parks with my family because now I have energy to enjoy and have fun,Ē says Kathi happily. ďOne of the best decisions I ever made was to start taking WINís products. Seeing my results, I cried, but this time my tears were tears of joy. Words canít express how I felt at seeing the results and still seeing results today.Ē

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