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Karen's Weight Loss Before and After

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Karen's Weight Loss Journey

As a personal trainer and Sergeant Major in the army, there’s no doubt Karen is in excellent physical condition. She has endless energy, works out an average of two hours a day and recently scored off the charts in her army physical fitness test. Her body fat percentage is an enviable 20.8 percent. At age 42, she’s looking and feeling better than ever!

However, in early 2008, Karen’s fitness level was far from where she wanted it to be. The past eight years had been an ongoing battle with her weight. “In 2000, I had some major health problems and I started gaining weight because my doctor put me on steroids,” recalls Karen, adding that she kept eating more and exercising less. Karen began trying different popular over-thecounter diet pills trying to lose weight. “I would lose weight – but in unhealthy ways,” says Karen. “Then it would come back. It was like a rollercoaster and it was hard to maintain.”

“I noticed my energy level first,” says Karen of her results with the products. “Actually other people noticed my weight loss before I did. When people started noticing the weight loss and I started noticing my energy levels, then I did research on the products. I read some of the success stories online, and everything that people were attesting to had happened to me!” Karen was thrilled with these results, and wanting to step up her workout, became certified as a personal trainer and spin instructor. Karen has now lost a total of 32 pounds and 12 percent body fat!

She’s ecstatic about her results and credits WIN’s products with giving her the boost she needed to reach her goals. “These products allow me to lose weight and work out more. Before the products I would work out but I was tired,” Karen shares. “So they gave me the energy I needed to work out a little bit longer, and now I take Sure2Endure™, Accelerator™, and LipoTrim™ along with BIOLEAN Free® and Winrgy®.”

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