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Ine's Weight Loss Before and After

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Ine's Weight Loss Journey

Ine felt anxious and uncertain about where her life was heading. She was frustrated with her weight problems and complete lack of energy, and was running out of solutions for losing weight. “I had tried almost all other ways, from shakes to diet clubs, pills to crash diets,” recalls Ine. Soon, Ine was introduced to WIN’s products. “I first used BIOLEAN® with Accelerator™ and followed with LipoTrim™ and WINOmeg3complex™ . I noticed from the first day I had more energy and less craving for candy and snacks. I was still hungry at normal times, but I craved and desired healthy foods. I also noticed my skin had a positive effect from BIOLEAN,” Ine relates of her great results with WIN’s products.

After changing her eating patterns, she noticed even more results! In nine months, Ine lost 44 pounds and lost another eight pounds soon after for a total of 52 pounds lost!

“I noticed I felt extremely good because of the weight loss and certainly through using the products. I had more energy and felt healthier. I then began hearing from others that I looked great, that I was beaming and looked younger instead of older! You can never get enough compliments,” Ine relates of this greatly needed boost to her self-esteem. “It’s also nice to be able to purchase normal clothing and no longer have to shop at the plus-size stores!”

Another positive change for Ine was being able to enjoy her passion for volleyball even more. “Exercise is so much easier! I’ve always played volleyball, even when I thought I was too big. As soon as I started losing weight, I was faster and I could jump much higher,” shares Ine excitedly.

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