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Heck lost 53 pounds

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Henk's Fitness Journey

“In the past years I tried to lose weight. It didn't work because I now understand that my body needed food supplements,” shares Henk. In just a few months Henk loved seeing the pounds begin to drop and found he was on track to reach his goal of losing 50 pounds by his wedding in June 2009! He then made a big decision to take his fitness goals to a whole new level. “In January 2009, I started training for the New York Marathon held on November 1, 2009!” shares Henk excitedly, adding that he always dreaded running, so participating in the New York Marathon would be the ultimate challenge for him!

Henk began training for the marathon and gained confidence with the progress made in the following months. He felt better than ever, and soon everyone saw the positive changes in him. “Family and friends noticed I was looking much better. This good feeling motivated me to go on! My confidence was growing as well. I had to buy new clothes, so that was fun!” shares Henk of the satisfying results he was experiencing. Henk has an overwhelming sense of accomplishment at having lost a total of 53 pounds and successfully completing the New York Marathon on November 1st.

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