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Ellen's Weight Loss Success- Before and After

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Ellen's Weight Loss Journey

"In order to reach my goal I had to change my way of living and that is exactly what I did," Ellen says of her new eating and exercise habits. "Instead of eating a lot of the wrong things, three times a day, I started eating small portions six times a day, and paying attention to what I was eating. I also started exercising my body which was a challenge at first because working out wasn’t really my thing."

In addition to her improved diet and workout routine, Ellen benefited by having another key ingredient in her regimen — WIN’s products. “Before my workout I take BIOLEAN (alternating BIOLEAN® and BIOLEAN Free®), Accelerator™, Sure2Endure™ and WIN CoQ10™. During my workout I use Winrgy®. After my workout I take ProXtreme™, LipoTrim™, and again WIN CoQ10,” Ellen says, adding that the products give her an extra edge in reaching her fitness goals.

“The results are amazing!” exclaims Ellen of her new figure. “Five months after starting the program I have lost 33 pounds, 4 inches off my waist and 4 inches off my hips. To me that means I can wear clothes in a size I haven’t worn in 16 years. And it really, really feels great!”

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