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Eliette's Weight Loss Success- Before and After

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Eleitte's Weight Loss Journey

Eleitte had struggled with her weight for years, and it was affecting her emotionally. She shares, "“Most of the time I felt quite insecure. My self-esteem and self-confidence were low. My weight just kept being an issue.”

Wanting to be a good example for her family, she set a goal to lose 44 pounds in five months. She started exercising consistently, changed her eating habits, and added Biolean Free®, LipoTrim™, and ProXtreme™ to her daily routine. As a result, she lost 50 pounts and feels transformed.

“The simple weight-loss program is so easy to do! After losing over 50 pounds now I look and feel better. Moving is easier, clothes fit better — I’ve been doing lots of shopping!” Eleitte explains. She also adds “Many people have noticed the changes in my self-esteem, presentation, attitude and personal growth. My overall image is more businesslike and I get many compliments.”

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