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CoQ10 for Energy-- Choose WinCoQ10 for Purity and Absorption

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This month, we are taking a look at our CoQ10 Supplement WinCoQ10, launched just last year.

January is the month we all make new year's resolutions, committing to tackle that fitness goal once and for all. For many of us, that first critical step is so hard because we're just plain tired. We want to hit the gym, we want to take that fitness walk, but we are simply unable to get the energy we need to move forward.

Instead of a short term sugar buzz and the inevitable crash, make sure your body has the energy it needs by starting with energy producers inside every cell in your body. Start with energizing your body's cells with CoQ10.

WIN CoQ10 Ubiquinol Supplement

60 geltabs; 2 month supply
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What is CoQ10?

CoQ10 is short for Coenzyme Q10, is an oil-soluable substance, much like a vitamin, that is present in most of our cells. It resides in our mitochondria, which is an important, energy producing component of the cells in our body. In fact, according to Wikipedia, 95% of our body's energy is produces by the aerobic cellular respiration that CoQ10 is a part of. The organs with the highest energy needs, such as our heart, brain, liver, and kidney, have the highest concentration of CoQ10.

The most bioavailable form of CoQ10 is Ubiquinol, which is an electron rich form of CoQ10. Many supplements contain another form of CoQ10, and that must be converted into Ubiquinol before use. WinCoQ10 is 100% ubiquinol, ready for immediate absorbtion and use in the body. This is important because the ubiquinol plays a key role in antioxidant action as well as energy production. Bioavailablity is important as you age since as you get older, not only do studies find we have less CoQ10 in our system, we also have a harder time converting the less optimal ubiquinone to ubiquinol.

Beyond the energy and antioxiant factors, CoQ10 has been shown to benefit the neurological system and the brain. A large, NIH approved study is currently underway, based on favorable results of a 2002 study. Researchers are also investigating the benefits to the kidneys. While studies are ongoing and the scientific community continues to investigate the benefits of CoQ10 supplementation, here are two of the benefits that are being examined worldwide:

Heart Health:
CoenzymeQ10 helps with a healthy cardiovascular system. Studies indicate that the content of Ubiquinol in LDL cholesterol may protect against the harm of elevated LDL.

Three studies show that CoQ10 helped with headaches. These are preliminary results and only one study was a placebo controlled trial, but the evidence was encouraging.

Many of these studies are documented at sites such as Wikipedia, and, as it is user generated content, we take a cautious approach. What is undisputed, however, is that CoQ10 functions in most cells in our body and play a role in the crucial energy production processes that keep us going every day.

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