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Bioleanii, Biolean Free and Biolean: A History

Biolean II's success in recent years has lead to it being introduced to a wide variety of people. Invariably, the question comes up of the "II" in Biolean II's name. Many people who are looking to lose weight with a healthy supplement are asking about BioleanII. What there ever a Biolean I? And why do you have Biolean Free? Let's address these one at a time.

The Original Biolean

Biolean has been a part of the Wellness product line for many years. Since the company's founding in 1992, the focus has been on a healthy lifestyle, which includes safe, effective, weight loss supplements. The original Biolean retailed at over $85 for a 28 week supply. While Wellness did experiment with a liquid form of Biolean, the tablet have stood the test of time as a proven and safe way to add a supplement to your weight loss efforts.

Customers experienced great results with Biolean and the fame of the product drove Wellness International Network to the cover of some of the leading business publications in the nation. The company, realizing that everyone reacts differently to nutritional supplements, produced a second formulation known as BioLean Free.

BioLean Free

Biolean Free achieved the same results as the original Biolean, with a different set of ingredients. This gave those struggling with excess weight an option of either Biolean or BioLean Free. Some found weight loss success by alternating the products month to month, avoiding a weight loss plateau by not letting the body get used to any one supplement.

The success of Biolean led to a listing in the Physician's Desk Reference and a clinical study was conducted at Johns Hopkins University. Before that study could be completed, however, the government intervened.


One of the ingredients that fueled this growth and success was Ma-hung, which is also known as Ephedra. In 2004, the US Food and Drug Administration deemed Ephedra unsafe and immediately, sales of Biolean and other supplements containing Ephedra were banned. In short order, however, a new formulation was born.

BioleanII picks up where the original Biolean left off, providing a quality supplement, listed in the PDR, for healthy weight loss. In additon, Biolean II has improved upon the original in many areas. Most notably are: (1) the retail price has been reduced to only $75.95, thus opening the benefits of biolean up to many more customers, and (2) the replacement of Ephedra with Advantra-Z, a patented thermogenic fat burner. Biolean II is a most successful product that continues to help many people achieve a healthy lifesyle.

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