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Amanda's Weight Loss Success- Before and After

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Amanda's Weight Loss Journey

"My family has a history of weight problems.My aunt weighed 650 pounds and my mother weighed almost 400, and they both had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago. I myself, now 37 years old, have also fought a losing battle with my weight," shares Amanda. "When I delivered my twins I weighed 235 pounds and when I saw myself in the mirror I was devastated thinking I would never get the weight off. I immediately remembered how, when I was pregnant and working at my former job one of my employees told me ‘Girl, once those babies come you will never ever get your body back — it will never be the same again.’ She was right, but not in the way I expected."

Feeling frustrated and helpless, Amanda needed help in fighting this losing battle. "My OB/GYN, Dr. F___, started me on WINOmeg3complex™ when I was pregnant. A few months after I gave birth and stopped breastfeeding he suggested I try some of his health and wellness weight-loss products. I started with BIOLEAN® and LipoTrim™ this past April, and soon added Accelerator™. I was AMAZED at the results!" Amanda excitedly relates. "Combined with a healthy diet and daily exercise, WIN’s products really helped kick my metabolism into high gear! I felt like my body had literally become a fat-burning machine — yet I didn’t feel jittery, anxious, or moody like I had when taking other diet, weight loss or energy pills. I noticed how I was always in a great mood and focused throughout the day. At night, to my surprise, I was able to go to sleep without being kept alert and wide awake for hours like had happened in the past with other products. I am stronger, have more energy, and am more self-confident than ever."

"Since giving birth I have lost 94 pounds and am wearing a size 4! I have kept the weight off and I look and feel better than I ever have — at 37 years old!" says Amanda of her amazing results. "What I notice most about my results from using the products is that even when I skip a few days of exercise, my body stays lean and I do not look bloated. I wish I could see my former employee and tell her how right she was about my body not being the ‘same’ after having my precious children. One look at me and she would see for herself that it is definitely not the same—it’s much better than it ever was!"

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