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Post Workout Shake- ProXtreme Shake for Post Workout Recovery

by Jason Bunn

ProXtreme with a banana and lowfat milk make a great post workout shake.

After a hard workout, sometimes nutrition is the last thing you want to think of. A hot shower, some water, and then a nap may be what you are thinking, but after a workout is the perfect time to think about what fuel you want to put into your body to aid in recovery. After a workout, your body begins the process of responding to the workout. The time after the workout is often where the real gains are realized. Muscle fibers are rebuilt and strengthened, the heart and lungs grow stronger, and, especially during the first 12 hours, your body begins to put you in a position to respond better, faster, and stronger to the next workout.

Protein is one of the post-recovery building blocks that is critical to your post workout success. It will help your body repair and rebuild muscle, which, in turn, may aid in fat loss as the added muscle increases your resting metabolism, tuning your caloric furnace to burn hotter during the day, whether training or sitting at the office desk.

Another recommended ingredient is a banana. The carbs will give an energy boost to your hungry muscles, and the potassium may help with muscle soreness and cramping.

A winning combination for a post workout shake is Biolean ProXtreme, milk, and a banana. In a blender, it takes about 1 minute to assemble and tastes great, either with the chocolate or vanilla powder. It mixes easily, especially if you put the milk in first and then add the contents of the ProXtreme packet.

The combination of the protein powder, the milk, and the banana works out to about $5 to $6 per shake, depending on milk and banana costs, which can vary. It's an economical meal replacement that will give you the energy you need to move quickly from a state of fatigue to an energy filled strong recovery period. It's a great post-workout shake.

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