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What the Doctors Say

At My Natural Supplements we feature products from Wellness International Network. WIN's products have been used for nearly 20 years and have been recommended by doctors nationwide. Hear are a few of their comments

"I have a patient who weighed 222 lbs. and she is a PhD. Very smart lady, but it was obvious to me that she wasnít very happy. So I began to talk to her about weight loss. Ultimately, she came back to me and counseled and used products. Recently, I saw her and she weighs 134 lbs. It is an incredible thing, because her life has changed. She is energetic and goes to the gym. I have a number of women who have lost 70/80 lbs. and thatís incredible."
Dr. Michael Rollins, OB/GYN, West Virginia

"I was looking for something to help my patients lose weight and increase their energy. WINís products are simply great. Itís very rewarding seeing my patients doing so well."
Dr. Huq, Internist, Florida

"I cannot even narrate all the results my patients have had with WINís products! I was looking for something safe that could give my patients relief, so they would feel better and their quality of life would be better and thatís what I found."
Dr. Kasturi, Family Practitioner, Illinois

"It has been rather astounding to watch people finally start to lose weight, get some results, and they just go into a better lifestyle pattern. Iím watching people improve their lab work and theyíre feeling better."
Dr. Robert Remler, Internist, Georgia

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